Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

SUBMIT: May 1 through June 2, 2024 | READING FEE: $15


Salamander at the Mass Poetry Festival

Salamander is excited to participate in the 2012 Mass Poetry Festival: April 20-22, in Salem, MA. Among all the fantastic events and festivities (which can be found at, you'll be able to find us at:



The Salamander reading will feature four poets of different generations whose work appears in recent issues of the magazine: Tara Skurtu, Marie Gauthier, Frannie Lindsay, and Alan Feldman. Each poet will read for approximately 12 minutes, allowing time for questions, answers, and discussion at the end of the session. Jennifer Barber, Salamander's editor in chief, will introduce the poets and serve as moderator.


What sort of ode might speak to the questions, needs, and hopes of our time? How might the psalm be relevant to the 21st century? How can one write a praise-song in a time of so much woe, worry, and sorrow? Five poets from Suffolk University, one of them a recent graduate, will discuss odes, psalms, and praise-songs with the Mass. Poetry Festival audience in attendance. Then these poets will read some of their own works that have been inspired by this type of poetry. The goal in both the discussion and the reading will be to show that poems in this tradition can in fact be as fresh, relevant, and meaning-full as ever. Featuring Jennifer Barber, Kristen Bulger, David Ferry, George Kalogeris, and Fred Marchant. 



Summer Contributor Congratulations!
John Deane to read at Suffolk University April 11th