Rescue Me

poetry 0
Gracie Greenbaum


While I’m driving
I like to fantasize
about the people I love


dying in tragic
and gruesome ways.


My brother slips
off a cliff hiking and
they have to identify him


by his teeth.


My dad is driving
behind a lumber truck
when the boards come loose,


pierce his windshield
and he loses his head.


What a tragic figure I am then.
Orphaned, bereaved,
my heart


a fragile whisper
that needs your love.


Needs you to collect,
reassemble the pieces,
your mouth the glue


that makes me whole.


How tragic, then,
that I am fine.


Retired parents
spending their days gardening
in Connecticut,


fussing at each other over
who should have pulled the chicken
to thaw for dinner.


My brother called last week,
I congratulated him on his raise.
He makes more than me now,


but I have enough
to live alone, and
I’m only hungry


when I want to be.

Gracie Greenbaum is an award-winning poet, writer, and artist whose work was most recently published in the Audie-nominated audiobook collection Nevertheless We Persisted. She works as an artist and yoga instructor under Little Green Tree in Los Angeles.