Pushcart Prize Nominations: 2013

Salamander is happy to announce our 2013 nominees for the Pushcart Prize, celebrating "The Best of the Small Presses":


  • “A Flemish Still Life” by Ellen Kaufman, Salamander, vol. 18.2
  • “Fennel” by Fred Marchant, Salamander, vol. 19.1
  • “Christ Stopped at Hollesley” by Julian Stannard, Salamander, vol. 19.1


  • “The Kingsley Drive Chorus” by Naira Kuzmich, Salamander, vol. 18.2
  •  “O Thou, Whom My Soul Doth Love” by Rochelle Distelheim, Salamander, vol. 19.1
  •  “Iphigenia in Baltimore” by Jen Fawkes, Salamander, vol. 19.1


Best of luck, nominees! We are so proud to have printed your work in our pages.

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