Morning Glories, Late Autumn

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Matthew J. Spireng


The morning glories I saw less than
a month ago can’t be flowering now,
more snow than expected yesterday,


and several nights of heavy frost the past
few weeks, but vines may still twine
the standing corn, field corn yet to be


harvested, early snow be damned. If
the farmer wasn’t ready for this, neither
was I, and it must melt, bare the ground,


or chores necessary before winter won’t
be done, consequences to come. When I
last saw those white, trumpet-shaped


flowers, I failed to see this coming. It was
autumn, and would be autumn for quite
some time, I thought. I didn’t think to gather


blooms to dry, or heart-shaped leaves to
remember them by, though I do think when
I was a child I did that, and winter waited, too.

Matthew J. Spireng’s 2019 Sinclair Prize-winning book Good Work was published in 2020 by Evening Street Press. A ten-time Pushcart Prize nominee, he is also author of the full-length poetry books, What Focus Is and Out of Body, winner of the 2004 Bluestem Poetry Award.