from The Pink Series

poetry 0
Leslie McGrath


Pink Blossom

Born in full bloom

I grew along the feminine

pink diminishment
& pink despair

pinched back & pedestaled
thin into air

but even the invisible
could see

no man
no thing

lived resolute as me.


Pink Coordinate

A woman shaves her own head.

Just one nick             & the tracing of blood
marks her like a longitude line on a globe.


Pink Inevitable

Green wisp & greenly leafing bud
Creamy white & soon-to-butter yellow
Lavender immanence.

Oh dress your girls in genderless
Colors. It will not matter.
We know what’s under those clothes.

Leslie McGrath’s third poetry collection, Feminists Are Passing from Our Lives, was published by The Word Works in 2018. She teaches poetry at Central CT State University and lives in Essex, CT.