2013 Fiction Contest Results!

With more submissions than ever before, the competition was tight for our 2013 Fiction Contest! We're happy to announce the winners and finalists, as chosen by judge Edith Pearlman. Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to all who submitted for sending in work of such excellent quality. Looking forward to next year!


Jen Fawkes, “Iphigenia in Baltimore”

Honorable Mention

Rochelle Distelheim, “O, Thou, Whom My Soul Doth Love”


Leland Cheuk, “Funeral by the Arcade”


Lisa Doublestein, “New Leaf”


Colby Halloran, “Only Rain”


Thomas McConnell, “Berlin Train”


Bob Ross, “Dust”

“We Watch Shelley Winters Drown for the 100th Time”
2013 Fiction Contest Results