Suffolk Poets at Boston Poetry Festival

Fred Marchant, George Kalogeris, and Jennifer Barber will be reading at this weekend's Boston Poetry Festival. Details for Friday afternoon are below. For full schedule, please go to:
Boston National Poetry Month Festival

12:10-4:30 pm, Keynote Poets
Boston Public Library
Commonwealth Salon,
700 Boylston St.

Hosted by Kirk Etherton.


12:15 Lloyd Schwartz, Gail Mazur, Dan Tobin

1:00 Meet the Poets

1:15 "Melopoeia" (Rhina Espaillat, Alfred Nicol, and John Tavano)

1:45 Meet the Poets

2:00 Charles Coe, Joan Houlihan, George Kalogeris

2:45 Meet the Poets

3:00 Bert Stern,Kathleen Spivack, Christine Casson,

3:45 Meet the Poets

4:00 Fred Marchant, Jennifer Barber

Salamander Reading at Mass Poetry Festival: May 5, 2-3 p.m., Salem/ 211 Bridge Street
Salamander Reading and 25th Anniversary Celebration