Salamander Reading at Mass Poetry Festival: May 5, 2-3 p.m., Salem/ 211 Bridge Street

Ben Berman, Danielle Legros Georges, and Kelle Groom, whose poetry appears in recent issues of SALAMANDER, will read from their new and recent work, in honor of SALAMANDER’s 25th anniversary. Ben Berman’s new collection, FIGURING IN THE FIGURE, was published in 2017 by Able Muse Press. Danielle Georges’s recent volume, THE DEAR REMOTE NEARNESS OF YOU, came out in 2016 from Barrow Street Press. Kelle Groom’s new collection SPILL was published in 2017 by Anhinga Press. Each poet will read for 12 minutes, followed by an informal question-and-answer session focused on how each thinks about the poetic line, including the metrical and free verse line, pauses and fragmentation within the line, and the various reasons for deploying the prose poem.

Away the Birds
Suffolk Poets at Boston Poetry Festival