Salamander Fiction Contest 2020 Results


Jinwoo Chong, "The Lesser Light of Dying Stars"

Jinwoo Chong is currently an MFA candidate for fiction at Columbia University, where he serves as Online Editor for Columbia Journal.




Second Place


Gretchen Comba, "Goatman"

Gretchen Comba is the author of The Stillness of the Picture: Stories (Kore Press, 2016). She teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.





Allison Bulger, "Freddy's Vacation"

Carol Dines, "Disappearances"

Cassie Fancher, "Trinity"

Omer Friedlander, "Desert Animals"

Matthew Gordon, "Ranch Widows"

Kanza Javed, "Rani"

Matt Jones, "Pests"

Michael O'Brien, "Getting the Lead Out"