poetry 0

In the dream or half-dream half waking
I was filling a book with writing
about a child’s survival, and longing.
As I kept writing the book grew thicker.
What were the pages filled with?
I thought, at least I can write again.
Then I touched his lips and he said
the walls have eyes. He said I wish
but the wish will never be fulfilled.
He said his chest is tightening and
I wish I wish there were some way
to step outside of time. And then
completing the circle he left and I
walked in the other direction and we
met again in letters. Like water. A sea
of words that rather than floating off
and moving out of sight became a raft
on which we kept our balance
hardly moving, but for the breeze.

Linda Zisquit has published five full-length poetry collections, most recently Return from Elsewhere and Havoc: New & Selected Poems. Her translations from Hebrew include Wild Light: Selected Poems of Yona Wallach and These Mountains: Selected Poems of Rivka Miriam. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel, where she teaches, translates, and runs Artspace Gallery.