Jennifer Barber
Managing Poetry
Editor Editor
Katie Valerie
Sticca Duff-Strautmann
Senior Fiction
Editor Editor
Peter Charles
Brown Haverty
Contributing Editors
Fred Marchant Mary O'Donoghue
Eric Maxson
Jacquelyn Pope
Victoria Bosch Murray
Anna Ross
Emily Newburger
Jacob Strautmann

Salamander, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary organization that publishes a biannual magazine of poetry, fiction, memoir, and works in translation. It was founded by Jennifer Barber in 1992 with the aim of publishing a generation of writers reaching artistic maturity and deserving of a wider audience alongside new work by established writers. In addition to the magazine, Salamander, Inc. sponsors events and readings in the Boston area and in New York. Salamander became affiliated with Suffolk University in the fall of 2005. Its annual fiction contest began in 2010.

Salamander has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Council for Literary Magazines and Presses, Bradford College, and the Brookline Council on the Arts and Humanities. To donate to Salamander, please go to our subscription page.